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A relatively cheap Mil-tec rucksack similar to the one above can easily handle 30 kilos (66 pounds), will test 35 kilos soon.

A Danish elite soldier is expected to walk at least 50 kilometers (31 miles) with at least 35 kilos (77 pounds) with in 10 hours.

Walking a hour with similar weights, should be a modest goal.

Build up in wave form, 1-3 times a week.

It could look like this:

30 min. with 10 kg

30 min. with 15 kg

30 min. with 20 kg

45 min. with 10 kg

45 min. with 15 kg

45 min. with 20 kg

60 min. with 10 kg

60 min. with 15 kg

60 min. with 20 kg

Soon you will be walking 60 min. with 30 kg.

Note: the Canadian only walk with 10 kg in their backpacks.

“Make sure to stretch on a bar after walking with a heavy bag! My spine was compressed by a few good centimeters after”

Also do Pullups with weight in the bag.


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