…Floyd failed to cooperate with police. He was on illicit drugs (fentanyl), acting strangely, and resisted multiple requests by officers to sit down in the back of a squad car.

Few people have heard of White male, Tony Timpa. Similar to George Floyd, he wailed and pleaded for help more than 30 times as Dallas police officers pinned his shoulders, knees and neck to the ground. White lives do not matter it appears. (see story)

“You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me!”

After Timpa fell unconscious, officers who held him in handcuffs assumed he was asleep and didn’t check he was breathing or feel for a pulse. The officers laughed and joked about waking Timpa up for school and making him waffles for breakfast.

Officers pinned his handcuffed arms behind his back for nearly 14 minutes and zip-tied his legs together. By the time he was loaded onto a gurney and put into an ambulance, the 32-year-old was dead.

As it’s considered RACIST in America to say, #AllLivesMatter, I’m saying #WhiteLivesMatter.

Police Kill More White Than Black Americans

Statistics show Black people killed 500 White citizens in most recent year of reporting (2016), while White killers murdered 229 Black folk. Blacks consistently kill more Whites each year than Whites kill Black people (below).

Black people also kill many more Blacks than Whites kill Whites (see story). I asked the challenging question of our time: Are police in the United States racist? Specifically, do they kill more African Americans than White Americans.

In raw numbers, no. Police killed 370 Whites and 235 Blacks (source). Adjusting for population size, as there are fewer African Americans (13%) than Whites (70%), yes. Police again kill 370 Whites, but relative to the smaller pool of Africans Americans, it’s similar to police killing 1,175 African Americans. Huge discrepancy!

Comparing White-on-White and Black-on-Black murders to those in each group killed by police, we find Black citizens are killing more Black citizens.

Whites: 370 killed by police; 2,854 murdered by White people — roughly 8 times more Whites killed by Whites than police.

Blacks: 235 killed by police; 2,570 murdered by Black people — roughly 11 times more Blacks killed by Blacks than police.

Blacks kill more Blacks, roughly 11 times more than are killed by police, and Blacks kill more White Americans. Why?

The example set by Black rappers and entertainers isn’t helpful, such as having many Baby Mamas. Black families are the least likely of all groups to have two-parents in the home. Calling women “bitches” and “hoes” is violence. Glorifying guns and illegal drugs are also part of Black cultural genocide.


It’s popular today to trash America and White people. I guess it’s like hating on the Los Angeles Lakers or Golden State Warriors because they’ve won too many championships. People seem to get tired of winners.

Scarlett Marye Studniarz posted the story to social media. When I responded #WhiteLivesMatter, she answered: “sir we dont do that argument starting shit here.”

Apparently it’s fine and fashionable to post #BlackLivesMatter, but neither #AllLivesMatter nor #WhiteLivesMatter is acceptable — we might start some “shit here.”

Scarlett seems to be a [spoiled brat snob lapping up the emotionally manipulative media] who lives in Fort Bridger, WY, and is from Largo, FL. Claims she’s in a relationship with Joe Storey, and believes, “I don’t mind it being a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.”

Yet Scarlett won’t stand up to protect a White male. Makes her uncomfortable. Most Americans appear to be like her. #BlackLivesMatter has burned down inner cities, but asking to protect White people must be stopped else we might start an argument, in her opinion.

Kind of racist, ya? Well, U.S. Congressman John Lewis said to stand up for everyonenot just Black people. And if we gotta start some shit, then I’m sure Mr. Lewis will be smiling down on us from heaven. Rest in Power

White male, Ryan Whitaker, was sitting at home with his girlfriend playing video games May 22, 2020, when he was killed by police. After hearing a knock at his door, Ryan opened the door holding a gun in his right hand and slightly behind his back. This is legal in Arizona.

“Literally we were making salsa and playing Crash Bandicoot so there may have been some screaming from PlayStation but it wasn’t domestic violence or anything.” Brandee Nees

Although he immediately put his left hand up and begin crouching to put the gun down, one of the cops, Jeff Cooke, shot him in the back three times. My screenshot was blurry, see the clip here.

“Baby!!! Why did you shoot him?” his girlfriend, Brandee Nees, screams through tears. “Why?”

The officer lied: “He just pulled a gun on us, ma’am,” Phoenix police officer Cooke said. Footage from both body cameras of the two officers shows Ryan was attempting to put down the gun. He made absolutely NO THREATENING movement toward either office.

One officer shined a light directly in Ryan’s face; the second officer, Jeff Cooke, shot him three times in the back. Murdered him on video for all of us to witness. There is no dispute.

Brandee told police they were making salsa and playing Crash Bandicoot so there may have been some screaming from PlayStation and now her boyfriend is dead.

May 22nd was a Friday night. The couple was having some fun relaxing at home. An upstairs neighbor called police to complain about the noise:

“I gotta get to work tomorrow and I’m getting no sleep,” said the neighbor in the second 911 call he made to police at 10:44 p.m.

The neighbor seems to mislead the dispatcher when asked if the verbal argument had turned physical to get police to respond more quickly.

“It could be physical. I could say yeah if that makes anybody hurry on up. Get anybody here faster.”

Earlier that day, Ryan Whitaker had attended his daughter’s high school graduation.

“They shot my brother in cold blood and murdered him – murdered him.” Steven Whitaker

“This proved everything I’ve been saying. In a fraction of a second, Jeff Cooke was a judge, jury and executioner of my brother.”
Katie Baeza, Ryan Whitaker’s sister

The family has demanded Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams fire Cooke, who has been with Phoenix PD for about three years, and arrest him for murder.

“We want justice for Ryan. Be accountable for your actions. Hold people accountable.”

Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

White Lives Matter — Clear Health Life Strategies

White Lives Matter — Clear Health Life Strategies