Tens of thousands of pedophiles operate in Israel every year, leading to about 100,000 victims annually, according to an Israeli pedophile monitoring association.

The Matzof Association, an organization that actively keeps track of reports on pedophiles in various media and centralizes the data monthly, states that in July alone, 22 cases of pedophilia were reported in Israel and brought to the attention of the media. The vast majority go unreported.

In Israel, tens of thousands of pedophiles operate on a daily basis without any problem,” said Eliran Malki, head of the Matzof Association.

They are not deterred by the police and certainly not deterred by the contemptuous rulings that come from the hands of judges in the various courts,” he added, citing an incident in which one particular pedophile was let off by the courts without punishment, despite evidence of thousands of pedophilic items found on…

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