Two weeks ago, all the members of the Mt. Ascutney School District Board publicly humiliated and punished Windsor School Principal Tiffany Riley for exercising her first amendment rights and her rights under Article 13 of the Vermont Constitution. The school board’s statements made their reasoning clear: They claimed to understand the “struggles of people of color,” and their principal did not. The board stated: “The ignorance, prejudice, and lack of judgement in these statements are utterly contrary to the values we espouse as a school board and district.”

The school board’s actions and their rationale are evidence of a slide toward totalitarianism that should alarm every American. In an utterly patronizing — and one should say, racist — statement, white school board members in the whitest state in the union claim to understand how tens of millions of black Americans think and feel as one solid, unbroken “race” about a political message from a controversial group, Black Lives Matter, which espouses anti-police and anti-family policies. The board decided that they knew what offends every black American, because they concluded that every single black American thinks exactly alike.

The Mt. Ascutney School District Board could come to this extraordinary decision, without shame, in blatant violation of Tiffany Riley’s fundamental constitutional rights because they have been immersed in a dangerous philosophy that is permeating our culture: group guilt [White Guilt] and group innocence [minorities can do no wrong], the foundational principles of a totalitarian society.

According to totalitarian orthodoxy, individuals, with their unique stories and backgrounds, have no intrinsic value. They are only valued as members of a group. Moreover, totalitarians decide not only what group individuals belong to, but also whether that group is guilty or innocent.

To the Jacobins of revolutionary France, the guilty were members of the clergy, the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, and ultimately, anyone who questioned the Jacobins’ revolutionary fervor. Jacobins tore down statutes, defaced monuments, and even renamed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral as the Temple of Reason, in an campaign to wipe out history and obliterate anything connected to the guilty group. They humiliated and silenced opponents, and ultimately terrorized and murdered members of the guilty group, which, as in all totalitarian societies, continued to expand until the guilty ultimately included their own members.

Chinese society has had a centuries long tradition of reverence for teachers and learning. However, during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, educators were declared to be members of a guilty group. As if on cue in a matter of months, school children humiliated their teachers and principals, requiring them to wear dunce caps, signs around their necks, to kneel in front of the students, crawl on the ground, eat dirt, and to recite “I am a poisonous snake.” In some schools, classrooms were made into jails for teachers, and many teachers were ultimately beaten to death by their students.

Today in America and in Vermont this same premise is desecrating our fundamental rights. White Americans are guilty of white privilege, no matter their background, their ancestry or their personal moral character. Black Americans as a group are innocent victims of white privilege. The individual character of black Americans has no value. We are guilty or innocent on the basis of blood and birth.

Assigning each individual American to a group, and dictating what those group members think and feel is dehumanizing and ultimately, totalitarian. A Vermont lawyer posted a telling comment on Facebook in response to my comments about the violation of Tiffany Riley’s First Amendment rights. She commented about me: “We know what she is.” The message? We are no longer thinking, feeling human beings; we are things — marionettes mouthing words and phrases conforming to edicts of our own group. Black Americans are subject to this same dehumanization.

Do you think that the Vermont lawyer’s words are outliers? Do you think America could never devolve into Jacobin France … or the Cultural Revolution? Think again. France, Germany, and China are some of most civilized countries in the world, with cultural histories far longer and richer than ours. Liberal intellectuals in France, Germany and China never thought such terror would reach their country — until it happened.

How does it happen? Because no one speaks up, perhaps out of fear of being seen as supporting the “guilty.”

In Vermont, organizations like the ACLU, the Vermont Bar Association, the Agency of Education, the Vermont Medical Society, Vermont Business Roundtable, the Vermont Trooper’s Association, and dozens of state and local leaders from Sen. Leahy to Gov. Scott, to local school boards, issued statements condemning the murder of George Floyd and the group guilt of “systemic racism” behind the atrocity. Not one of these organizations has issued a statement on the unprecedented assault on the First Amendment by the Mt. Ascutney school board. Tiffany Riley’s loss of her career, and her public humiliation as a result of the board’s violation of her right to free speech, is of apparently no moment.

Thugs are tearing down statutes of Ulysses Grant and George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt. They are defacing monuments to Lincoln, black Civil War soldiers and American soldiers, black and white, who liberated Europe. They are humiliating and silencing members of the black community and others who dare question the catechism of Black Lives Matter. The silence in the face of these assaults on our heritage and our fundamental rights is deafening.

It is time to speak up before it is too late.

Bucknam: Sliding toward totalitarianism — True North Reports

Religious Fervor that is Black Lives Matter — Radix Journal

The Black Lives Matter protests are best understood as a religious revival, emerging from the United States but global in scale. This new religion is “Multiculturalism” and based on institutions and ideals outside traditional churches; however, its structure and sacraments strikingly resemble those of Christianity. It could even be considered a kind of heresy.

Religious revivals take place in the wake of wars and disasters, periods of elevated stress and widespread angst. They are spearheaded by and attractive to people who are relatively high in neurotic traits such as anxiety. Their disturbed mental states are, temporarily, alleviated by the religious experiences that take place through these revivals—with religion, more generally, being an adaptation that allows us to cope with an unpredictable and traumatic world.

Leftists and atheists, of course, proudly reject traditional religion and sexual morality, and we should appreciate the irony of a “religious revival” capturing their hearts and minds. However, as a group, leftists and atheists are high in mental instability—especially those who are young and female—and thus they are highly susceptible to the religious experience, if not religion as it has been historically understood.

Following the Industrial Revolution and the exploitation of fossil fuels, the world became immensely wealthier, healthier, and more comfortable, and the harsh Darwinian selection pressures that characterized previous ages subsided. One of the most impactful consequences of this is the dramatic decrease in childhood mortality. Thus, millions of people with high levels of mutations, who would not have survived childhood in previous times, walk among us in the postmodern age. These “spiteful mutants” have managed to bring about the collapse of traditional religion—which is associated with mental and physical health and evolutionary success. They have spread Multiculturalism as a religion in its place. The result is a Multiculturalist revival, where 70 years ago there would have been a Christian one.

Religious Fervor that is Black Lives Matter — Radix Journal