The defaced sign had been placed at the near the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington just 12 hours earlier.

SOUTH BURLINGTON— City police have opened a hate crime investigation into a lone person’s vandalism of a student-made Black Lives Matter sign, which was first spotted by police at 7:36 a.m. on Wednesday. 

A South Burlington patrol officer noticed that the sign, located on South Burlington School District property, had been cut to remove the words and imagery from the center of the poster.

The slashed out words read “Black Lives Matter,” along with a black [Commie] fist, a logo associated with the messaging, according to police. 

Although the investigation is in its early stages, the department stated the incident is being investigated as a hate crime and will be reported to both Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah Fair George and Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan. 

South Burlington Police is also working with the Vermont Department of Public Safety Forensic Laboratory. 

“This act is simply reprehensible and a clear illustration of racism in our community,” South Burlington Police Chief Shawn Burke stated in the June 10 release.

The sign was put in place just 12 hours before it was vandalized, according to a Wednesday morning tweet from Christie Nold, a South Burlington middle school teacher. 

“I don’t yet have words & also can’t say I’m surprised… white rage pushes back every time,” Nold’s tweet stated. “Didn’t realize it would push back less than 12 hours later.” 

In a picture posted with the tweet, the names of those supporting the sign’s message can be seen bordering what remains of the words “Black lives matter.” 

On Wednesday afternoon, police issued an update saying they believe that a lone person is responsible for the damage and is believed to be driving a Toyota Prius, according to security camera footage. 

City Manager Kevin Dorn stated in the Wednesday press release that crime like this don’t belong in South Burlington. 

“This type of crime has no place in our community,” Dorn stated. “The students at the Middle School have a right to have their voices heard and not to be attacked in this way.  With the cooperation of the School District, our Police Department will pursue this investigation by all available means.”

South Burlington police open hate crime probe into Black Lives Matter sign damage — VTDigger

“sign had been placed ..near the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington”

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