If you are white, …and not willing to sell your soul to foster a lie, then you are in one of the smallest minority groups in the whole world. You are also the most despised. Certainly your whiteness is your most despised characteristic. …They hate you because you won’t capitulate. And that scares them.

The most troublesome revelation to arise over the past week of rioting is not that it is being funded, who is funding it, or even who is behind the mask of the rioters… because we already knew all of this. We already knew Soros was behind both Antifa and Black Lives Matter. There are likely other financiers that will come out in time, but no one’s going to be surprised to find out who these elitists are. No, the most shocking revelation were the politicians allowing it to happen and the “American Brands” standing behind it.

As for the politicians, it is no secret that in many locales the mayors or governors are either refusing to call in the National Guard, asking the police to stand down, or even in doing some combination of both. The most egregious offenders here are Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City and Gov. Blackface Ralph Northam (VA). I would argue that there is genuine dissent in the Leftist camp over these tactics. This can be seen in Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY) putting De Blasio on blast by accusing him of failing to protect his city. While all the Left wants a coup, apparently only a few of them have the sense to realize that taking over America is only worth it if companies are open, infrastructure remains in tact, and the citizens are still alive.

Equally troubling is the sellout of Corporate America.

And, of course, Nike…

These examples are far from exhaustive. A more notable list would be the major companies who have not participated in wokeness. The first thing to notice is that many of these companies are going as far as to openly endorse #BlackLivesMatter. The only reason this group has not been labeled a terrorist organization is because even Donald Trump lacks the balls to call them out for their bad behavior. Oh, speaking of which…

Back to BLM. This is a group whose members were responsible for the murder of at least six police officers, has set almost every major city in the US on fire, and members have looted God knows how much merchandize from storefronts. And yet, Corporate America, which is really not even remotely American, is openly embracing their social movement. They are committing to a movement that actively hates and discriminates against white people.

They are engaging in this treason in the wake of a career criminal who at worst was accidentally killed. This career criminal either resisted arrest or was too high to properly walk with cops to the police cruiser as is seen on surveillance cameras. He was in the process of trying to pass off counterfeit money. He had both fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. He did not die of strangulation, but of cardiac arrest.

Oh, and a new revelation is that Good Ol Boy George Floyd had COVID-19, which means not only was he breaking quarantine, but he was also a danger to police officers who were arresting him. If Floyd happened to mention this infection to his arresting officers, as a high person who is resisting arrest would be prone to do, then this likely would explain the unusual (but legal) tactic of the officer pinning Floyd to the ground with his knee. It also likely explains why Derick Chauvin awkwardly kept his hands in his pockets while pinning Floyd to the ground. He was trying to not become infected from Floyd.

The fact that Floyd had COVID will not likely be picked up by the mainstream media. It doesn’t fit the narrative. The details never matter in these evil whitey examples, even though the details exonerate the police officer about 90% of the time in such cases. The narrative is that whites are evil, abusive, and uncontrollably racist. The remedy for this is to burn America to the ground and create a communist utopia. What these politicians, media pundits, and corporations have repeatedly failed to realize is that revolutions tend to eat their own, which can be repeatedly witnessed in this round of riots. For the elitists, this is about ideology. But, for the rioters burning down cities, it is about identity. And since the elitists identity is not the same as the rioters, the rich cucks may be in a rude surprise before this is all said and done.

Everyone Hates Whitey. Oh BTW, George Floyd Had COVID — Western Reckoning