A recent poll on Vermont’s voting preferences reveals a range of attitudes that run counter to election policies in the state — most notably, voters overwhelmingly think an ID should be required for casting a vote, and more than half say election officials can’t verify who is filling out absentee ballots.

The interactive voice response poll, conducted March 23, asked individuals on Vermont’s registered voter list to answer a series of questions about voting polices in the state. Eighty three percent of respondents said they “definitely” will be voting in the November election, and another 5 percent said they “probably” will do so.

When asked if some form of ID should be presented in order to vote, 71 percent of Vermonters said yes. Nine percent said they were not sure, and 20 percent said no. Vermont does not currently require voter ID.

Michael Bielawski/TNR

The poll also found that voters lack confidence in absentee voting. Fifty-three percent of respondents said officials don’t have the ability to verify the identity of persons filling out absentee ballots. Less than three in 10 thought election officials can know who is filling them out, and 20 percent said they weren’t sure.

Also on absentee voting, 41 percent of Vermonters think using absentee ballots increases the likelihood of election fraud. Thirty-three percent said it does not, and another 11 percent are not sure.

Another reveal of the poll is that 46 percent of Vermonters have concerns about allowing same-day voter registration, a policy in Vermont. Forty percent did not find the practice concerning.

When it comes to letting college students vote, 55 percent of respondents said students from out of state should demonstrate an intention to become a permanent resident to be allowed to vote.

On Vermont’s 45 day early voting period, exactly a third of voters, 33 percent, think the period is too long. Forty-seven percent said it was just right.

Asked how much of an issue it is to not purge the voter checklists soon after a voter dies or moves away, 53 percent said it’s a significant problem. Another 31 percent responded that they don’t see it as a serious problem.

Finally, 30 percent of Vermonters believe voter fraud occurs in Vermont “to a significant degree.” About 44 percent said it does occur, but not to a significant degree. Just 16 percent said they don’t think voter fraud occurs in the state. Six percent said the potential for voter fraud would discourage them from going to the polls.

High-profile ballot-tampering cases have been widely reported in the past election. In North Carolina, the discovery of ballot tampering in a congressional election caused an election to be overturned. Political operatives in the case were charged with illegal possession of absentee ballots, perjury, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

America’s trust in voting by mail is increasingly important this year as election officials in various states are considering by-mail-only elections as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“In terms of the elections, I think that we’ll probably be moving to vote by mail,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently said on MSNBC.

In Kansas, the state legislature successfully changed the law to have mail-in-voting only for the state’s May 2 presidential primary.

In Vermont, Secretary of State Jim Condos said this year’s election will increasingly rely on mail-in voting.

“Our 2020 elections will rely on a significant increase in by-mail voting. Whether that means having a ballot sent to every registered voter or pushing a much greater number of voters to request a ballot by mail through our existing election procedures, we will need to take the steps necessary to heavily reduce in-person voting at the polls on Election Day,” Condos wrote in an op-ed earlier this month.

The poll was conducted by Imperium Advisors via telephone. The questions were presented in multiple-choice format. In all, there were 374 respondents to the survey. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

Voter ID is an absolute must to protect us against rampant voter fraud. Mail-ins are ripe for cheating and all advocating for it know this. Don’t be fooled, Vermonters—DEMAND VOTER ID or your votes are wasted.

The United Nations does not approve of this Voter Id, thereby the majority in control will not vote for it, doesn’t matter what the peasants of Vermont wish for or desire.

The Marxist/Progressive wing will keep all members of the party in line and they will vote as told to do. They will not be swayed.

This is no longer a Republic of Vermont, because the people of Vermont sold out, did nothing, let those who wanted a democracy take over. And since our children and children’s children were not taught any civics within our state, nobody knew the difference.

The United Nations asks, “What are you going to do about it?”

Condos is clever and articulate when he sells his spiel about by-mail voting is safe, fair, and therefore valid.

He says these spiels, because his handlers expect him to say that.

He was chosen because he is good at devising such “easy to understand/all is well” rationales.

Not one single peep is heard In opposition to by-mail voting from any Dem/Prog, in or out of the legislature, because they know how to make the system work in their favor.

Preparations should be made, but no decision regarding the by-mail approach until the first week of October.

By then the virus hoo hah will have subsided.
Chicken-little people would NOT BE AFRAID to go to the polls as usual; unless CONDOS, and his ilk, continue to scare-monger them.

That would give plenty of time to go the preferred standard way of voting, plus, if absolutely necessary, also go the “hold-your-nose” by- mail way, but only if a person REQUESTS a ballot be mailed to him/her by the Town Clerk.


It’s all classic Saul Alinsky tactics….voter fraud. Bernie Sanders knew Alinsky. Hillary Clinton did her thesis on him. Obama followed him in Chicago. Basically, alinsky rules are that almost anything goes, if it achieves the end….winning elections via vote fraud incuded.

OFF TOPIC….has anyone else noticed that the censorship on VT DIGGER has increased SUBSTANTIALLY? Digger is now censoring and refusing about 70% of what I try to reply/post, all just facts and figures (nothing angry)…. They need to be reported to tax authorities…because they claim that are “non profit”, so they do not pay taxes as an entity. However, it’s pretty obvious – if you have half a brain – that they are nothing but a tax avoiding “LIBERAL Political Action Committee”. In other words…they are a fraud…..and should register themselvs as a PAC and that goes for their RICH LIBERAL WEALTHY DONORS to be exposed too!

Yes, my comments had been removed by VTDigger, even thought I purposely kept them quite tame for that publication.

Not only that, but notice how the video of the California doctors was removed by YouTube, and earlier a video that showed a very quiet Elmhurst hospital after the cameras left had been removed. Now we hear that Keel University sent back a $15,000 check from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in support of the work of Christopher Exley, who has done extensive research on aluminum in vaccines. Then before this we had the muzzling and firing of Peter Ridd, who presented evidence that refuted that the Great Barrier Reef was dying (it is not.)

Outright and blatant censorship will be next if this trajectory continues, and the justification for this will be to protect us from misinformation. But, this is the purpose of a free press anyhow.

Yes, I have noticed an increase in censorship and I think I know why. Most of the libs that used to run off on there have been much quieter lately. The response to the articles and commentaries have been from conservatives who are sick of the way things are and are expressing it. Digger has to protect it’s contributor base so they block us from being heard. I keep most of my comments in a reject file if I ever need to prove anything I said. Now also look at the age and backgrounds of their indoctrinated so called reporters. Most of them wouldn’t know an investigative reporter if they tripped over one. The older reporters have spent their careers at liberal publications or organizations. If anyone does bring a case against them, I have a file full of rejected “Footnotes” if anyone needs to see them for proof. The one other thing that really bothers me is the constant TDS from Danziger. Has political drawings are juvenile, not funny and quite frankly they show his ignorance from only watching the fake news on the alphabet liberal channels. I wish we could “Footnote” those!

Turning the discussion into a partisan “progressive conspiracy” is not appropriate- note that the North Carolina fraud was perpetrated by a GOP operative. Mail in ballots not perfect but there are certainly measures that can be implemented to guard against fraud. I have no problem with requiring ID to vote, but can’t then put rules around acceptable ID that exclude some Vermonters. As an Independent running for office I definitely want the process to be fair!

As has been noted many, many times, one can not board an airplane without valid ID, one can not cash a check without a valid ID. Question – why should a serious privledge such as voting be any different or less important????? You want to vote, bring identification!!!! This is one way to keep cemetery residents [The deceased] from voting.

Vermonters are smart. They remember stories of bussloads being trucked from poll to poll in Chicago, to vote as many times as possible. They remember the voter rolls being mined for folks who don’t vote,, or died, and all their absentee ballot requests all going to one street address, the Dem/prog. HQ>

We do not need Chicago’s Alinsky method, Rules for Revolution, practiced by Ocassio, Sanders and Obama.
Neither does our small town need paper ID, we have human face recognition – something not possible even in Essex Jct (any more!)

It would make sense for each state to do its own census every 10 years just like the government. Each town should have to provide that all check lists be made public showing all deletions and additions that have made since it was last published.

excellent idea, but towns with limited budgets would squawk at the cost, unless the JP’s would be willing to donate their time to do this.

Voting is one of the greatest privileges we have, to ensure the one person one vote,
Identification should be mandatory !!

You know that this mail-in boondoggle being promoted is an opening for all sorts of
” voter fraud ” Liberals are hoping just for that, using the Wuhan Virus as a reason
is there opening ” pandora’s box ” …… by hook or by crook !!

Puppet Condos, what a joke…………….

Voter ID is not 100% effective but it sure beats the Progressive BS Jim Condos is trying to pass off as “safe” voting practices. Condos and his destructive Progressive agenda needs to go.

Condos is a partisan hack. He’d be in favor of any policy, no matter how vulnerable to fraud as long as if favored the democrat party.

Condos will be told to just ignore the poll.
Full steam ahead with mail-in voting, because the Dem/Prog elites demand it.
If Condos wants to hold onto his cushy job, he damn well jump when we tell him

via Poll: Vermonters overwhelmingly support voter ID, distrust voting by absentee ballot — True North Reports