The Sacred Fire of our Folk, the Valborg, Beltane flame , the symbol of our tribal life force itself. May we never let it die…

Tonight is May Eve, Walpurgisnacht, our glorious Beltane, a European holiday of great antiquity, a celebration of life that existed far before the Christian mind virus and the Corona virus scams were forced upon our people. Thankfully, there are some things that are still difficult to control… even after a couple thousand years of brainwashing.

The song of Nature is irresistible at times, especially at this sacred time of year. That spirit that leads us to dance and leap over bonfires as did our ancestors eons ago, in celebration of the coming warmth and joy of summer, still exists even now. It is time to take off every sort of mask and reveal the bright ember of our souls and to rejoice, not to dehumanize ourselves and bow down to a tribe of criminals. Now, more than ever, by the bright light of the Beltane flame, we can more easily see who and what is true and false.

When last I wrote about May Eve it was just before the onset of 4 months of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions at Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawai`i which rendered our temple sanctuary uninhabitable. At that time, Puna Geothermal, owned by the Israeli company Ormat, began fracking into the lava vein, a process that has been shown scientifically to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A general article giving an overview can be seen here.

Now we find ourselves in a new Zionist created crisis, a manufactured hysteria intended to destroy any small independent businesses and those who manage them, and to totally disrupt food production, and tear away the last vestiges of our constitutional and basic human rights worldwide. The Jewish supremacists wish to use their already outrageous control over 97 percent of the media and over our governments to usher in a world in which they have total control… a world in which the sheeple  or “goyim” are managed like actual farm animals, down to having numbers, constant surveillance, and tags in their ears… a dark, miserable world in which those who are not of Jewish extraction that are left alive are enslaved,and suffer, and those who are gloat and profit from it.

We can re-erect our holy Irminsuls. Our flame has not yet died.

Some of the duller flames among us actually refuse to deal with this reality, even though it has become so glaringly obvious, because they cannot handle it. Others go along with the hyped-up fraud out of fear and timidity. The greedy and characterless among us seek to ingratiate themselves with their friendly Zionist overlords who are always ready to employ an army of shills, fake protesters, government and media puppets, and other collaborators using your tax dollars and their illegal unconstitutional central banks. These traitors and cowards think they will be spared by the Zionist supremacists for selling the rest of us out. That is, perhaps, the only amusing thing about these events.

Then there are the masks… I was waiting for a ride in a grocery story a few days ago and was startled to see just how many people were voluntarily wearing masks. It amounted to a sort of living, breathing, instant IQ test, because anyone wearing a mask is a moron of epic proportions. I am not an impolite person, and I am not unaware of the fact that some of us are being forced to wear masks in order to keep our jobs, but to those who are willingly going to slaughter prattling inanely about  public safety, let me say that those who chose to do this are putting on your own execution masks, and you deserve it.  There is no excuse for such a level of stupidity and compliance. If you obey those who seek to take away our rights, you bear responsibility for it too.

Sometimes we need to stop and remember to celebrate and to live. We own our lives, not the government. Now, if we do not behave as though we do, we shall soon cease to be.

There is a good side to all this too however. More and more people are finally realizing that those who dare to speak the simple truth are not “conspiracy theorists”  but heroes and heroines. As for the mask wearers, well, we know who not to bother trying to help now at least. Viruses can be overcome, but such a level of wanton foolishness, reminiscent of Harrison Bergeron and Idiocracy, cannot be cured.  There are sheriffs who have decided to uphold the Constitution, and their oaths and not to enforce martial law.  They are the only people in our occupied government who represent us rather than Israel. May there be many more like them.  May those who refuse to be masked and muzzled and instead stand tall and free multiply exponentially.

We are meant to be a free people, able to operate businesses, bond with one another, hold lands, and practice our own ancestral religion… we are not meant to be slaves of Jews.

Haven’t we hidden long enough from this Semitic scourge? What if this is the only time we have a chance to escape from it? No one is being executed for not worshiping their Semitic demon”god” as when our ancestors had to perform their sacred rites in the high mountains in secret on this Eve to escape death, not  yet anyway. One would tend to think all this could not get any more outlandish, but it definitely can. We already have a president who has banned criticism of Israel in educational institutions and a governor who wants to turn off our electricity if we do not obey. What is there to wait for,… for them to actually start enforcing Noahide laws?  They have already been written into our own law books.

I’ve written a few different articles on May Eve and Walpurgisnacht and  have been interviewed on a couple radio show partly on the topic. I’ll paste the links to these shows and articles here. The first article, which is the most recent, has an eerily prophetic volcanic eruption video in it, published just before the actual eruption began.

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