Yes, it’s a coup.

The entire house of cards has fallen. The US Treasury is sidestepping the Federal Reserve, which has been thoroughly discredited and never recovered from Alan Greenspan.

(Hey libertarians here’s a conspiracy for you: Alan Greenspan was a libertarian. He manipulated the gold market for years, keeping the price very low. When Greenspan left, gold was at record highs and had been sold at super-low prices to … someone. Maybe all those trucks full of gold leaving the WTC 6 building had something to do with it?)

Now, the US Treasury is taking direct control of most of the financial system, with the Federal Reserve incorporated as a department under Treasury. It’s always been like this, but now they can’t even keep up the pretense.

So, Trump’s handler, Steve Mnuchin, has hired his Jewish friends at Blackrock to “manage” the entire financial system. Blackrock is “selling” all the shit to us, the public, the taxpayers, and the CEO, Larry Fink, gets to “sell” all the actual worthwhile assets to his friends.

I bet that Mnuchin’s and Fink’s friends all eat Chinese food at Christmas.

Back in 2008, the Wall Street Journal hinted ever so gingerly that when Obama and the Democrats took over the bailouts from Bush, there were “winners and losers.”

The losers? Ken Lewis of Bank of America, and the entire North Carolina financial/banking system – the second largest outside of NYC.

The WSJ decided to mention the “charities” and political non-profits that the winners and losers gave to. The losers, like Ken Lewis and North Carolina, gave to “Republican” politicians and “conservative” causes.

The winners? Jamie Dimon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street Journal mentioned that this group gave “to Jewish charities.”

The only people too stupid to figure that out were, of course, conservatives – conservatives, being the dumbest people on the planet.

Trump has shut down the entire US economy. Unemployment will likely be THIRTY PERCENT in the next two weeks.

All valuable assets, all the profitable companies, will be sold via Blackrock to Larry Fink’s and Mnuchin’s friends. All the shit will be fobbed off onto “conservatives” and “Republicans” in fly over country, like NC.

(Keep an eye on the Mormons and Utah to see if they made a separate peace, like they did with the NSA.)

Choose your poison:

  1. UBI.
  2. Work camps.

Congrats, conservatives, right-wingers, White nationalists, Trump-tards. We told you that Trump was a stalking horse for Likud. Now, it’s official. The NRx should be happy: there’s no more democracy, no more free markets.

It’s now a complete Jewish financial dictatorship, just like the early years of the Soviet Union.

Now, can we finally drop all this “right-wing” bullshit and get on with it? What is the “dissident right” suggesting?

The typical “dissident right” types are telling everyone to run to rural areas, grow gardens, and live off the land.

Don’t stay in the cities and contest for power in the institutions.

Learn how to survive at a stone age level and leave this whole “civilization” thing to the Jews.

Trust me, Fellow Whites, I’m a Dissident Right goyim just like you!

via Trump Gives The Entire American Economy To One Private Jewish Bank — Banned Hipster

White flight is yielding ground. Eventually there’ll be no place left to run to. Hence, “stay in the cities and contest for power in the institutions” is far better long term for white folks. Though it means falling in line to the PC anti-white narrative hook line and sinker. This should be countered by retaining an inner spirit of defiance/channeling Loki.