Something is rotten in Denmark. In an age of near-instantaneous access to place and substance, and an over-abundance of people sharing their amazing experiences with it, people in America report being less happy, taking longer to form families, and an overall feeling that something is wrong. By contrast, the Amish, living on the very same land as most other Americans, report being the happiest in the country while completely rejecting the social and technological norms of those around them. According to an article in Quartz, “When sociologists were really diving into the Amish culture in the 1960s and 1970s, 75% of Amish children would decide to become Amish adults. The most recent statistics show that 95% are now choosing to join the Amish Church.” Clearly the “English”, as the Amish still refer to the Americans around them, are doing it wrong. […]

via The Amish – Living Plain — Myth of the 20th Century