We Were First in the Americas

The Face of Wiracocha

The Face of Jötunn Wiracocha an Incan and Pre-Incan creator God.

“One of the tour guides who said he still practices and follows the Inca’s traditions passed down through his family offered to share his information with me about their culture…”

“We were at the city Cajamalca where the Incas disappeared into the rainforest after a battle against the Spanish, and probably went on to Machu Pichu.

There are giant carvings on the opposite mountain side from their stronghold, one of which he pointed out to be of a bearded man that he said looked like me. I laughed at him and jokingly said “yeah, probably had blond hair too.” As if he wasn’t serious. He said “they did.” I said “Who?” He said: “The ones that were here before the Incas”. Then he pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to hear the story the way he knows it or the way he explains it to the groups on tour. He said he takes it very seriously and only tells it to people who really want to learn about his culture, which he in turn said is being rewritten by people who don’t know anything about his culture or even speak the language.

I laughed and thought that sounded similar to what is happening to Norse culture, so I said, “sure, I’d like to know.” In between each place we stopped at, he would share some information about his culture and his ancestor’s history with me. He told me that the bearded man in the mountain had long hair, blue eyes and a long beard and carried great wisdom. Some of the things that he and those who were there first passed down before they left were the following:

All men needed to be in top physical shape and ready for battle and were taught this from a very young age with wrestling and weapons training.

Women were gentle caretakers of the hearts and minds of men, and were meant to heal their suffering from losses on the battlefield.

Children were to be raised by their mothers while husbands labored the fields or went to war.

All boys would face harsh physical training at certain age to prepare them for war… Some even died during this training.

All should strive to live a simple life and be independent. Learn the difference between happiness and pleasure.

Men and women were not inferior to each other, however, were clearly able to understand their differences and roles in life which in turn should remain that way.

No man should ever lie to or turn his back on his brothers.

Never should men show fear around his brothers.

Laziness was a disgrace and should be severely punished.

There were giants that lived there and the area was settled by people who had white skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

All of these things listed above were a common practices and beliefs by the incas and are still taught in families to this day. However, a lot are forgetting about their past, and some don’t even care about learning “Quechuan” anymore.

He told me that people are trying to change history and say that women were the leaders of their civilization and that the men only did what the women wanted them to do. He also said that people are trying to say that women made war decisions for the tribe which is an outright lie.

He also told me that after they passed on their knowledge to those who came after them before they sailed off into the pacific ocean in long boats.”