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Eðan Allen was born on this day which is akin to the birth of Vermonts soverignity from the Imperialist powers of the time and the birth of a reclusive stubborn and resilient folk/state.

The thirteen original colonies didn’t include Vermont as another state rather it was disputed by New Hampshire & New York money grubbin’ land grants. Originally Vermont was to be called New Conneticut considering most of the population came from there though Vermont was settled as the right name due to the clout of New France/Quebec. Vermont wanted to join the United States and was denied and the same thing happened when inquiring about joining Canada, hence from 1777-1791 Vermont was an idnependent republic. The first state to outlaw slavery, hence an abolitionist safe haven. Though that didn’t equate to a liberal paradise rather the early days of Vermont were akin to the wild west of fist-fight brawling, gun dueling, tribal clan feuds, and the like. Though after Vermont joined the union and the US had its westward expansion Vermonts population was drastically depleted.


10 January 1738 – 12 February 1789

Vermonts motto is the freedom to live your life as you see fit as long as you dont convert/disturb the communities social fabric. Unity is in times of trouble such as hurricane Irene when folks chipped in and helped eachother out. Though really its anytime as long as the frith is intact.

Ethan Allen–Hero Of The Revolution