While it may not be a topic of immediate interest to most, it is such a one of great value to me. I see my Dumbbells, my Barbells and Kettlebells every day. It actually wasn’t until fairly recently that I began to wonder about the origin of one of my favourite strength training implements. The […]

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Strength training is an art form which tones the muscles as calculus and physics tones the mind. As the ancient greeks said, “A sound mind in a sound body.” The courage to stand out from the crowd and leap out into the unknown is a value of both warriors and scientists who seek to be on the frontiers of advancement pushing debilitating thoughts and appeasements into the gutter. In honoring forebears, kith, and kin it is necessary to rid oneself of the comforts of the bloated slug consumerists. A future worth dying for is a future worth living to create. Martial arts and going out in the woods hunting relate as primal drives of valor.