Jörðis a frau, Jötunn, and personification of earth. Mother of Þórr and wife of  Óðinn.

Óðinn’s wife was Frigg / Óðr’s wife was Freya

Jord is the daughter of Annar and Nótt “night” and half-sister of Auðr “prosperity” and Dagr “day”. Fjörgyn and Hlóðyn are other names for Jörð. Her older name was Nerþuz. The Venus Fertility Goddess of Willendorf, Austria made during the Upper Paleolithic may of been the earliest version of Mother Earth.


Venus von Willendorf statue figurine frontview

Venus von Willendorf statue figurine sideview

Frau mit vollen Brüsten auf dem Bett

warrior and goddess art

The feast of Jord is to commemorate our forebears, kin, and kith in the frith. Red wine and cranberry sauce represents the blood of life/birth and death/war fundamental to mother jord. Roasted pig, turkey, and other assorted meats represent your totem animal and you merging as one for the berserking rage of after meal weight training. Other foods stemming from the autumn harvest represent the summer and autumn joys.


Jord etymology relates to Jörmungandr – Jormunr, “mighty one” and Gandr/Flygja, “Sorcery/Magic/breath/spirit.” Jörmungandr  is the Midgard Serpent or Ouroboros representing the four seasons, life, death, and rebirth. Jormunr/Irmin etymology relates to Irminsul/Yggdrasil. The 9 worlds of Yggdrasil are the 9 months of pregnancy according to the pagan calender. Jörmungandr is the Midgard Serpent or Guardian of the Folks Innangard/Frith.

Also Jord, Eald Ænglisc Eorðe may be represented by the three Norns: Urðr (Wyrd/Way/Word), Verðandi (happening/present) and Skuld (debt/karma/obligation) who weave the fate of men, beasts, etc.