protect your child from screen time addiction

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Chloe Learey, the executive director of Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development in Brattleboro. Results from a study recently published online at JAMA Pediatrics and widely reported in the media show that parts of the brain are less developed in children who use screens more than an…

via Chloe Learey: Screen time and brain development — VTDigger

As MindweaponsinRagnarok had said in the past, “Screen time disrupts a contemplative state of mind. A contemplative state of mind is the mental equivalent of weight lifting.”

Entertainment be it Hollywood movies/video games, gossip magazines, soap operas, the consumer frenzy of shopping, fashion trend bullshit, or generally the comforts of a 1st world lifestyle turn the mind into sludge and the body into a fat bloated slug.

Best to challenge yourself by going off into the Utangard and challenging yourself completely to become worthy of the title of Einherjar or Valkyrie.