On July 24, 1847, the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley

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The more I read about the Mormons early history the more I see parallels to our situation today. Racialists have tried to “make it work” living within our own communities to little avail. Racialist Heathens, particularly those who vocalize anti-Christian sentiments, face even more pressure. There are rural places where Christian groups…

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In the modern world folks seem more interconnected than ever before yet an identitarian bond to community has declined as globalization meshes everything together and social media and hollywood entertainment diverts folks focus away from their neighbors. Many have become atomized adrift in a sea of consumerism and cultural marxist platitudes. The co-opting of environmental ideas by the liberal establishment is wholly unnatural and designed to warp reality to suit their whims.

If folks truly cared for Mother Jord, then they’d understand that infinite groth in the economy or society is environmentally destructive as more mouths to feed mean more exploitation of the worlds resources and consequently poverty will rise as well. If you truly wanted sustainable growth then the first thing to tackle would be Celebrity worship and its relatives of Spectator sports and Consumer frenzy. The modern American culture is all about distracting/diverting folks attention through bread and circus and illusionary freedom which is being curtailed in the name of liberation.

Invasive species are not merely plants or bugs, they are also foreign contaminant outlanders who disrupt the local socio-cultural ecosystem of the new area they come to inhabit. There is definately something to learn from the Mormons, Amish, and other tribally bound groups.

“The members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had been persecuted for their beliefs ever since Joseph Smith founded the church in New York in 1830. Smith’s claim to be a modern-day prophet of God and his acceptance of polygamy proved controversial wherever the Mormons attempted to settle.

Folks have said how demographics are destiny and that is true when the culture of a nation stems from the people/folk who founded the nation or are the majority in that nation. Infanticide, divorce, delayed marriage, community fragmentaion, and escapist entertainment destroy society. A White Fundamentalist Mormon man with 5 wives will have 5 times as many chilren as the man with 1 wife.

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“They had to gather all their people and create a base where they could regroup and build the necessary infrastructure.”

I belive having multiple options is better than putting all your eggs in one basket. Finding kindred spirits in your local area may be a challenge though its worth it and with social media the process should be easier. Multiple organizations and idealogies allow for flexibility/adaptability as old stock Yankees and Woodchucks work for our folks survival, expansion, and advancement with the sacred words.

“they could never have reached this point without first concentrating their power.”

This includes networking with akin-minded folks, forming family alliances, having children, folkish sharing of resources/wisdom within the frith, every member having multiple skillsets to teach eachother, and establishing connections on the local and regional level.

Having seperate communities should not be a problem, rather each community can learn from another. That goes beyond America, it also includes learning from communities in Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.

Portrait of Joseph Smith Jr.

Another thing I’d like to add: Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism hailed from Sharon, Vermont, U.S.A. Hence it is a place of pilgrimage for Mormons and those interested in Mormon idealogy. Turning Vermont into a Mormon stronghold is preferable to the Libturd Cultural Marxist diatribe.

Sharon Vermont