In Defense of Gentrification, Vegans Becoming Butchers, and Sparta Reconsidered

Gentrification is the uplifting of the socio-economic stratum of urban areas whilst Ghettoization is the spread of drugs, rapes, shootings, and corrption. Yes there may be resentment from poverty stricken folks when wealthy New Yorkers, Bostonians, Silicon Valley Techies, etc. move in yet it helps uplift the areas residents by giving them more work opportunities. Tariffs on foreign goods/importations should be met with a subsidization on local homemade items for greater social, cultural, and technological innovation in the hinterland.

On the topic of Vegans and Vegetarians I’d say they are akin to Puritans and SJW’s with their claims of the moral high ground yet without the added fat and protein of meat early hominids wouldn’t have had the nutrients to grow their brains. Also innovation itself seems to revolve around combat. Be it taking the life of an animal to feed your family, fending off an attacker, or deforesting land to plow a field/ build a home/ construct mechanical wonders such as cars, computers, airplanes, etc. Competition/ violence pushes folks to one-up another to gain advantage in society and that includes financial leverage, social/media influence, education and technology, politics, and the military.


Sparta was a warrior society constantly on guard against enemies both foreign and domestic. This vigilance honed the peoples body’s like wolf hounds, their minds became espionage weapons, and their spirits were drawn by cosmic forces. A comfortable people is an enslaved people who beg for more from their masters so they feel better about themselves. The narcissism of an individualistic consumer driven democratic ethos splinters a civilization into an incoherent slagheap.