States Turn Their Back On Mississippi Over Its New Discriminatory Law

“This isn’t the first time Vermont or Washington State have placed a ban on state-paid travel to protest an anti-LGBT law. Following the passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in March 2015 — which allowed businesses to discriminate against gay clientele based on their faith beliefs — both states announced a travel ban on Indiana.”

An American state wants religious freedom and especially pertaining to the freedom of choice? Oh no saith the Libturds in power that cannot be. We must enact a travel ban and sanction the state as a pariah.

Vermont promotes Thought Control by banning state employees from work-related travel to Mississippi and North Carolina due to the Southron states protection of the family unit via the enaction of an anti-LGBTQPXYZ law.


The family is the cornerstone of civilizations existence and when that spark is stifled civilization falls into ruin. A healthy society is akin to a healthy organism which nurtures itself and fends off attackers both flatlander and domestic.

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The Cultural Marxist psyop is to induce a lethargy in the populace with nice sounding platitudes whilst promoting degenerate lifestyles. Faggotry with its STD’s and ties to pedophilia, miscegenation with it’s rapes and single family households, obese slugs deemed good, men hating feminists, and a militarized communist “minority.”