Träume und Ziele sind der Teufel, der mich am Kochen und Putzen hindert.

A Mother is guardian of children, kitchen, and the church of ancestral memory. Mothers day is to celebrate lifes abundant beauty across Midgard in both the Utangard and the Frith. Mothers day is to celebrate the rebirth of forebears through our children.

The Anti-human Libturd coalition see family as an arbitrary number, interchangeable without distinction. This means infanticide, STD faggotry, divorce, and immorality. Imagine a mother holding her daughter and thinking, “I hope she kills her offspring one day.” Abortion isn’t a right, it’s a law, and laws can be overturned.



Mothers day is to honor your wives with new life. An abundant roost makes for an abundant harvest.

A Woman is to concentrate all her life on one man only, who is loved in such a vast and unselfish way as to allow other women to share in the same feeling and to be united through the same bond and the same dedication. Polygamy is the way for females to participate in unselfish love to overcome: jealousy, passionate selfishness, and her natural desire to possess the man.

4 wives and 1 husband will have 4 times as many children as 4 husbands and 1 wife. Also lesbians have the opportunity to procreate with the man, while faggots would spread STD’s and do more harm than good even if a child was born with the wife. Polygamy also spreads ones influence in the folk community whilst monogamy would have a far smaller influence.

It is a mans skill, wit, ingenuity, and prestige which earns him multiple wives.



Polygamy helps to pick up the slack of normies who are bound up in technological escapism, careerism, and travel. Many boys and men are disuaded from the bond of girls and women due to an education system stigmitizing them and turning girls into mannish freaks. SJW’s are the vanguard of hating whitey, particularly the white man. Hollywood is the land of sex trafficking and prostitute-actors where many girls and some guys get sucked into. Modern people insist on talking about Birth Control when they mean less birth and no regard to the future.

It is or duty as Vinlanders to revere our forebears memories, keep up linguistic and cultural hygiene, and to network with akin minded folks. We are the living embodiment of the Si-Te-Cah, Viracochans, Solutreans, Atlanteans, Hyperboreans, etc. Let us make our forebears proud!