…The State Department has approved the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Rutland, according to the Vermont…

…A loose-knit group, called Rutland First, has questioned the secretive nature in which the USCRI developed the plan with Louras, Gov. Peter Shumlin and Vermont’s congressional delegation. They are also skeptical that Rutland would be able to provide the services and support that the Syrians need.

Source: Feds Approve Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Rutland

When Government and Corporate agencies think about the displacement of one people (in this case: Syrians) being transplanted into the culture of another people/land they are encouraging the betrayal of Syria to continue to be fought over rather than be built up by the Syrians themselves. Another aspect is described in this comment:


Vermont has a low birthrate with a small population while New Hampshire being far more urbanized has a much larger population, which means greater impact in Vermont.

Vermont, the land where what is made or grown in Vermont stays in Vermont. Yet liberals seek to alter the cycle of recycling by altering the course of the steam from its natural loop.

Localization, the Slow Foods Movement, being Green/Organic originates from Conservatism yet has been hijacked by modern democrat discourse to erode/dismantle presumed “oppression,” institutional or in private matters.