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The comforts of civilization with it’s distractions from reality and happily enslaved herd mentality is not natural to Vermont. Cities are but overcrowded prisons carved out of Midgard like a wound in the Great Mother. We would rather return to nature than let civilization harm her.


Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.


There is no place for crowds, wasteful technology, or other afflictions in Vermont. We gaze at starlit skies, whisper tales long gone around campfires, reenact history in the wilds of nature, respect personal space/privacy, and value those with quiet strength.


We as True Vermonters are committed to Our people (fellow Woodchucks), working individually and collectively to help Our people rise.

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What doesn’t continue to grow will die that much sooner. We require food, water, shelter, and territory. Where space is limited population changes very little or declines. Growth is natural and healthy.

Live Free as a Woodchuck in the Green Mountain State or Die a Flatlander!