Out of the Ashes of degenerate tolerance of gender confusion, genetic pollution, pathological altruism, immorality deemed liberation, and all the rest of the crap which infects Vermont (especially in College & the Radio)….It will all end.

Flag burning - Vermont

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The True Flag of the Vermont Republic


An Alternative for the Vermont Republic


Nature in her beauty is quiet like a windswept landscape in late Autumn, solitary (each family lives in their own niche just as animals live in their own ecological niches), idealistic (the hopes, dreams, aspirations come from the rural rather than the global swarm herd who require “rights” or “freedoms”…The greater the freedom the less focus, misdirection, and debilitation of work along with nature in her locality)….

Interchangeable cogs in the global machine is what the Bankers, Hollywood, etc. want people to become. Equality is a scam to mislead idealists and turn them along with “humanity” into numbers to be utilized at whim (resources to be exploited). Mass Immigration is to dilute and destroy local unique dialects and cultures just as urbanization severs the extended family (grandparents, parents, children, cousins, aunts, uncles).

There is a light to follow if only folks would know its within themselves. You are the fire of your ancestors, in meditation you can receive advice on the paths you take.