Burlington is the center of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

Last month on Oct 23, 2015

A Ronald McDonald statue that sat outside a Ronald McDonald House in Vermont was decapitated.

The statue had occupied a bench outside the Burlington home for years, welcoming sick children and families who need to be close to the University of Vermont’s Children Hospital.

First off, why was MickeyDees held up to represent charity to the sick? WTF!?

Second, MickeyDees represents all the problems of the modern world such as GMO’s, corporate exploitation of resources, wage slaves (cheap migrant labor), advertising, and emotional manipulation.

MickeyDees represents corporate America, NOT agrarian Vermont.

A statue of a farmer or doctor would of been best for Vermont.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Monsanto has its own charity organizations to feed the world genetically poisoned food yet advertises on how healthy it is.