The Washingstein Times published an article about the University of Vermont and how it is promoting the Narrative of Evil Whitey (Whites are Privileged and must pay their dues to the world).


Vermont is known as the one of the Whitest States, yet most Liberal in the United States.

The Liberal narrative spread like a virus due to

#1 The mostly Rural nature of Vermont, which represents Purity, something which Liberalism hates.

#2 The mass influx of Hippies to Vermont (most of whom were White) during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Along with City-Slickers/Flatlanders destroying Vermont and making it into a Tourist center.

#3 The mostly White European ancestry of most Vermonters, which is  equated with Privilege and Racism.

When camps talk about inclusion they are talking about the erosion and destruction of identity, be it culinary, dialect, clothing style, appearance, or architecture — it must all be Liberalized (eroded and globalized or destroyed) otherwise it is wrong in some way.

College campuses and Liberal establishments see the erosion of privacy and personal space as progressive, the legs of communities must be open whether male or female and willingly give up their life to outlanders.

Tightly knit tribal communities bound by blood, appearance, dress, dialect, architecture, and a clearly defined territory is natural. Every creature has their niche of the ecosystem, Liberalism seeks to undermine our natural desire to find our home with our people.

The Freedom of Choice is as fundamental to America as the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms. When you prevent people from interacting with their own people, you cut them off from their cultural roots and make them malleable to be molded by the Global Hive Mind (Hollywood, International Banks and Corporations, and Industrial Agriculture like Monsanto), which prevents individuality and self-expression.

“Privilege and Systems of Oppression” — In every society there are those who Lead and those who Follow. Hierarchy is a natural state of affair not just in human tribes, communities, and nations, but in the earths ecosystem.

Social Justice is a moral imperative for those who overlook the mind and focus on feelings. Social Justice overlooks the fact that people are different, hierarchy is natural, procreation/gender roles are natural, and Personal Space (along with Privacy, Quiet, and Insight) maintain cultural and genetic identity.

When you hear students confess to the Priests of Education on how their class has changed them you hear someone who lacks individual expression and skepticism.


Burlington Vermont is a dumping ground for Refugees. Charity is at the front of ecological imbalance in the food chain, which overlooks the value of quiet solitude among your family, and would rather replace brothers and sisters with…invaders. Who will live in our towns, cities, mate with our women and men, and erode both our external identity (appearance, dress, dialect) and our internal identity (values) until we cease to exist as distinct Vermonters of New England Yankee stock.

Yet despite Vermont’s Gullible Christian do-good beliefs, there is the idea of recycling which goes beyond the corporate A’Murkan Ideology. This means recycling goods and services within Vermont to help the local economy and local people. It is frowned upon if you have not lived at least 5-7 generations on Vermont soil. A Local Currency is more of an idea than a reality but like Hydro and Solar Off the Grid Power, it is fundamental to the independent and rural nature of Vermont.