Boston Capitol Building surrounded by Skyskrapers

Massachusetts State Capitol Building surrounded by Skyscrapers


–The Boston Redsocks

Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England. It was the scene of several key events of the American Revolution, such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston. Upon American independence from Great Britain, the city continued to be an important port and manufacturing hub, as well as a center for education and culture. The area’s many colleges and universities make Boston an international center of higher education and medicine.


–A True Bostonian and American Patriot

Vermont and Massachusetts have a common historical link in quiet and disciplined rural puritan living and a revolutionary code of self-determination.

Vermont and Massachusetts

Vermont and Massachussets

Vermont and Massachussets


The Boston Globe, a newspaper based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1872 by Charles H. Taylor, was privately held until 1973, when it went public as Affiliated Publications. The company was acquired in 1993 by The Corrupt New York Times Company; two years later was established as the newspaper’s online edition. In 2011, a subscription site was launched. In 2013, the newspaper and websites were purchased by John W. Henry, a New England businessman whose other holdings include the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club.

Jew York


New York heavily taxes its citizens,  underfunds its police force where it needs it the most, bribes sport players to become a New York Yankee player, and disregards the heritage of those who made America from the ground up. NYC is the financial capitol of America spreading its tentacles across the globe in the name of “Free Trade” and “Democracy” — The reality is exploitation of resources to benefit the super rich in Wall Street and Hollywood.

One World Government Elite

–Babylon New York Swine

The money masters of New York raise and lower inflation as they see fit to hoard wealth to themselves and their shadowy cabal.

Statue of Liberty with NY skyline