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— Champ, the Monster in Lake Champlain


Vermont has had a long history as a conservative state alongside New Hampshire and Maine, but that changed in the 1960’s and 1970’s when a large influx of invasive Hippies and New Yorkers (many of whom were wiggers) arrived in droves upon our land.

Flatlanders are the limp wristed pencil neck city geeks and bloated human slugs that push industrialization and mass consumerism upon our pristine ecological land.

Woodchuck is the name given to a true Vermonter. Woodchuck comes from the term to cut, chuck, and stack wood. A true Vermonter blends into the land valuing solitude and the peaceful serenity of nature over the urban or suburban.

Vermont believes in the idea of recycling all goods made in Vermont to stay in Vermont to prevent corporate entanglements and to preserve Vermont sovereignty.

For homeschoolers, those wishing to live off the grid, nature enthusiasts, and wilderness survivalists Vermont is a great place to live apart from the Babylon matrix.


–A True Vermonter

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–A True Vermonter

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— A Vermont Family


— A Typical Vermont Home