“Yet it seems to me they belong together[…] Vermont and this great Adirondack woods.” — Bill Mckibben, Wandering Home page 18

This country on either side of Lake Champlain, though it has no name and appears on no map as a single unit, constitutes one of the worlds few great regions, a place more complete, and more full of future promise, than any other spot in the American atlas.” — Bill Mckibben, Wandering Home page 15

Vermont and “…across the lake it is made whole by the matchless eastern wilderness of the Adirondacks…the world contains no finer blend of soil and rock and water and forest…” — Bill Mckibben, Wandering Home page 15

“There is no other place where the essential skills — cooperation, agriculture, and restraint — offer more possibility for skilled and beautiful inhabitation, for working out the answers to the questions this planet is presenting in this age of ecological pinch and social fray.” — Bill Mckibben, Wandering Home


“With the death of the last pagan Saxon, a whole world of memory is lost.” — Bill Mckibben, Wandering Home page 118

“A few years earlier, a feminist academic named Donna Haraway had scored a great coup with an article that argued that humans themselves were, happily, on the verge of finally becoming totally unnatural: cyborgs, connected to computers and soon to be genetically engineered, and thus liberated from the idea that we were “men” or “women” or even “human beings” and hence from the idea that we had to act in certain ways.” — Bill Mckibben, Wandering Home page 98


Quotes from a Vermont Folk Patriot, Bill Mckibben