PhilosophiCat On Traditional Woman’s and Man’s Path to Heroism — Council of European Canadians

[…]In her opening video to her channel, PhilosophiCat says this about her aims for a series she did on Evola:  

Our aim with this series is much the same as Evola’s aim in writing the book: we wish to lay down a testimony in order to preserve this ancient wisdom for future generations. We remain connected to the World of Tradition by only the most fragile, frayed thread and it is imperative to preserve as much of it as possible as we move through this dark age of history.[…]

Videos of the Day: PhilosophiCat On Traditional Woman’s and Man’s Path to Heroism — Council of European Canadians

SACRED GEOMETRY: ‘The Spiral Vortex’, Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsine – By Frank Germano (Archive) — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – ” I must furnish those, who would protect or save life, with an energy source, which produces energy so cheaply that nuclear fission will not only be uneconomical, but ridiculous, This is the task I have set myself in what little life I have left” Viktor Schauberger…a letter to Aloys Kokaly, in […]

SACRED GEOMETRY: ‘The Spiral Vortex’, Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsine – By Frank Germano (Archive) — RIELPOLITIK

5 Reasons Why Rafting Trips Are So Popular – 2021 Guide — Vermont Republic

It is very important to enjoy life. It offers many opportunities to be used, which are full of enjoyment and beautiful moments. No matter what it is about, we need every opportunity that will be provided and will be found before each of us to use it.

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5 Reasons Why Rafting Trips Are So Popular – 2021 Guide — Vermont Republic

The Tyranny of the Technical Society

The Neo-Ciceronian Times

When we think of writers who are popular reads within neoreactionary circles, Jacques Ellul is not one who readily comes to mind (likely because he was writing in the 1950s, rather than the 1750s or 1850s).  Ellul, for those who are not familiar with him, was a French sociologist and philosopher who began as a Marxist but converted to Catholicism around 1930.  However, he was not ever really a traditional Catholic – much of his theology relating to so-called “Christian anarchism” (which centered upon his absolute rejection of violence, whether religious or secular) eventually led him to formulate positions which while holding to a high view of the biblical texts, tended to reject a role for secular government in the lives of Christians who were living by the Scriptures, which made him more popular with pietistic Protestant groups than with his own church.

However, this is not to say that…

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America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion — THE Gangster Princess

America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion — Zero Hedge

By Brandon Smith On the global news front I have been watching one event with special attention, mainly because it seems like almost no one else is – I am speaking of course about the social and economic collapse in South Africa that has been escalating over the past couple weeks. What is strange to […]

America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion — THE Gangster Princess


African vs Western corruption, how they differ, how this affects you, what should we do about it?

The New Nation

Three Democrat Senators: Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand propose ‘Justice’ bill to transfer up to 32 million acres to Black farmers through a USDA system of land grants

NBC: “IQ Rates Are Dropping in Many Developed Countries and That Doesn’t Bode Well for Humanity”

Why the Decline of America’s Average IQ is a Cause for Concern — The Neo-Ciceronian Times

Why Were Medieval and Renaissance Aristocratic Republics Limited to High IQ Germanic Populations?

The Real Robinson Crusoe

Nicholas C. Rossis

Everyone has heard of Robinson Crusoe. But how many know the real-life inspiration behind the character?

As Alex Turner explains on Quora, this would be Alexander Selkirk:

Alexander Selkirk. Image: Quora

Selkirk was a Scottish sailor, born in 1676. He was a rather hotheaded man, who tended to look for exciting voyages whenever he could. In the early 1700s, he served in the War of the Spanish Succession, and after gaining valuable experience at sea, in 1704, he joined a British expedition to the South Pacific, just about as far away from Scotland as you can get.

On this voyage in 1704, Selkirk and his crewmates had made it as far as the totally uninhabited Juan Fernandez Islands, an archipelago more than 400 miles off the coast of Chile, when they discovered they needed supplies and fresh water. However, when their ship docked at Juan Fernandez Island, Selkirk realized…

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Thermal Cameras Record US Choppers Transferring Daesh Terrorists Across Iraq

Piazza della Carina

A leader of the Iraqi anti-terror Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), better known as Hashd al-Sha’ab, says thermal cameras installed in the country’s central province of Salahuddin have recorded US military helicopters transferring Daesh terrorists to various areas across the country.

“The United States is not serious about withdrawing its troops from Iraq. The presence of US forces shows that previous statements made by Iraqi authorities and their American counterparts are false and misleading,” Qassem al-Kuraiti told Arabic-language al-Ahad television network in an exclusive interview on Saturday.

He added, “Thermal cameras in Salahuddin have captured how Daesh elements are being transferred across Iraq by US choppers.”

Kuraiti touched on Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein’s recent statements about the need for US forces in the Arab country, noting that it is up to theIraqi nation to decide whether American troops should stay or be expelled.

“Iraq does not need the presence of…

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Western United States Airports Struggle With Jet Fuel Shortage — Easy Money

A shortage of jet fuel, coupled with supply chain issues and an urgent demand from firefighting aircraft, continues to cause problems at airports around the West. In Nevada, state and federal lawmakers said they are investigating a possible shortage of jet fuel that could delay cargo delivery and passenger travel at Reno-Tahoe International Airport in […]

Western United States Airports Struggle With Jet Fuel Shortage — Easy Money


4 Reasons Why Airlines Are Always Struggling — Investopedia

“Sacrificing” the Sick to Vermont’s Green Energy — Ethan Allen Institute
Wind turbine infrasound makes people sick

[…]The health costs of climate action are frequently brushed under the rug, as the health benefits are talked up.[…]

“A lot of my work involves environmental issues on people’s health, and its often discounted. I will use one energy example, and that’s the health effects of industrial wind turbines. The industry adamantly refuses to acknowledge their impacts while in Vermont, we’ve had people abandon their homes, get very sick, from the health effects. So how does that get included?… Vermonters for a Clean Environment is the reason there’s an opt-out on smart meters. Because some people can’t live with them. They make them sick. There is not a generally recognized acknowledgement from the traditional health regulators. So that’s another of aspect of the idea of more “smart appliances.” Does that sort of effect get included in an accounting like this?….

I’m really disappointed. I just learned that the Just Transitions group held their stakeholder meeting and I fully expected to be included and I wasn’t. Leaving me with the only opportunity to bring my real world, on the ground perspective to bring this whole issue to the legislature after you issued your report….

So much of my work involves impacts to minorities[…] And so, what we are doing in Vermont is a policy of sacrificing people. And those are my people, and I have had to tell more people “I think you just have to move.” And I don’t want to keep doing that. I run up against housing problems all the time, because people don’t have the resources to move away from things that are causing them harm.”[…]

“Sacrificing” the Sick to Vermont’s Green Energy — Ethan Allen Institute


Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? Yes: In places where industrial wind turbine projects have recently been introduced, residents have reported symptoms such as nausea, sleep disorders, fatigue, and increased stress that they account to a low-frequency hum—a combination of audible bass sounds and inaudible vibrations—generated by the turbines. — PBS

The Pennsylvania flag is racist

The flag is discriminatory, biased, bigoted, backward, and perpetuates negative racial and gender stereotypes.

The divisive, hateful, intolerant, gun wielding Bald White Eagle is a deplorable fascist who in his cisgender patriarchal mind cannot fathom the liberating feeling of being a LGBTPIZN social justice advocate.

The flag is too brightly colored. The flag needs to be darkened with quotas from species unfairly maligned as invasive to make the flag diverse and equitable.

The eagle is fat-shaming pigs and other species-kind who are metabolic overachievers. The visual aesthetic injures the pride of both the visually unfavorable and the motivationally deficient. Fact checkers confirm the Pennsylvania flag is racist.